Have your personal efforts to change your problem or relational difficulty failed? Are you looking for a real key to personal growth? Are you ready to develop the skills you need to resolve conflicts with fairness and effectiveness? I can help you develop effective strategies and coping skills to manage and overcome deep personal, and difficult relational problems—problems that have persisted despite your efforts to solve them. I look forward to hearing from you.


Throughout our lifetime, there are moments when the challenges and adversities we are facing become too much to bear alone. Though you may feel desperately alone and isolated, you are not alone! We can work together to create a step-by-step practical plan that will help you develop the skills you need to manage life’s challenges and overcome depression. Take the first steps towards healing today!

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Are you stressed? Irritable? Physically drained due to constant worry? Are you paralyzed by fear? Stop this vicious cycle now. Do not let your emotions run your life. Stop avoiding the things which make you uncomfortable. You and your family are paying a high price. Get professional help and learn new strategies to soothe yourself and to master your anxiety. I provide counseling in San Diego, that provides effective techniques to managing and overcoming anxiety.

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Relationships are at the center of life. Are you and your partner experiencing a breakdown in communication or becoming frustrated due to a lack of ability to resolve conflicts? Conflicts happen in all relationship and when handled correctly, they can actually lead to greater intimacy. You can develop/strengthen the intimacy, trust and romance in your relationship. Learning to develop and sustain positive, safe relationships is critical to your health, growth and personal fulfillment.

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Family Counseling

How do you respond when your child is acting out emotionally? Do you disregard their behavior, ignore them completely or trivialize their emotional state? Or, do you accept the feelings your child is expressing, empathize with him and provide guidance? By meeting your child with compassion and proper guidance, your relationship with him will cultivate into a loving and lasting relationship that will serve him in handling emotions wisely and appropriately.

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Pre-marital counseling

All of us approach marriage having certain expectations and desires for how the marriage will be. That’s natural, normal and…great. Expectations about the home and how to love, satisfy each other’s needs, communicate, resolve conflict, handle finances and plan for the future are all part of the marriage union. I provide pre-marital counseling in San Diego, assisting couples to build their marriage on realistic expectations and a solid foundation, preparing them for married life.

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Bicultural Relationship Counseling

Whether you both come from different countries or you’re in a multi-race or multi-ethnic marriage, you’re likely to experience some significant obstacles. Marriage represents the convergence of two people and their individual cultures creating a unified culture. The process of forming this new marital culture is difficult and poses many challenges. Marriage partners who vary greatly in their backgrounds tend to have more issues. Couples Therapy, Relationship Counseling may save your marriage. Bicultural Counseling

Couples Therapy, Relationship Counseling

Relationships are not optional, they are at the center of life! Learning to develop and sustain positive, safe, relationships is critical to our health, growth and fulfillment. Singles: Relationship therapy can help you create the relationship you have always wanted. Married or dating: Couples Therapy can empower you to communicate more effectively, work through disagreements, and help you re-kindle the love that brought you together. Couples Therapy

Child Therapy & Family Counseling

Is your child out of control, anxious or depressed? Is your child struggling to cope with school or with social issues? Is he bullied or bullying others? Does your child have difficulties staying focused? Does he seek ways to be moving all the time? Does he act impulsively? The key to helping children be flexible, adaptive and thoughtful is to help integrate the different parts of the brain so they work well together as a coordinated whole brain. Child & Family Therapy

Depression Therapy and Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety & Depression deprives you and your family of a peaceful, hopeful life. If you, your younger child or your teenager are anxious get professional help. Learn effective ways to soothe yourself, to problem solve, and master your anxiety. If your are dealing with depression, a qualified therapist can identify the skills you need and help you develop effective strategies to manage/overcome the challenges you are facing whether it be personal or in relationships. Depression therapy Anxiety Therapy

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